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The Medication Regimen Review software for today’s Long-Term Care Pharmacist

  • The Software

    Version 9.1 of our MRR Consulting Software is available in both Standard and Enterprise editions.

  • RxPertise™
    Our acclaimed Medication Regimen Review (MRR) software application for consultant pharmacists specializing in long-term care.

    Version 9.1
    Our latest and most advanced version, available in both Standard & Enterprise editions, continue our trend of providing new features based on customer requests.

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    RxPertise v9.1 Standard

    The ideal choice for independent consultant pharmacists and small groups.

    Key features include:

    • Flexibility in arranging data elements within our database
    • Easily create new recommendation categories, routings and auto-text
    • Ability to share robust data between pharmacists using our Import/Export engine
    • Integrate data with several pharmacy dispensing and eMAR systems to populate resident demographic and medication order information 
    • Exclusive to RxPertise!  The Framework Exchange web service provides near real-time importing of dispensing data.
    • Clinical Services Manager! Track time spent on different consulting services to assist with billing and documentation.

    RxPertise v9.1 Enterprise

    Designed for multi-site pharmacies and organizations that employ large teams of consultant pharmacists.

    Key features include:

    • A more consistent approach to the MRR process, as defined by the organization itself
    • Ability to synchronize and backup data to the server
    • Aggregated data to create Enterprise-level data sets
    • Accessibility to back-end server reports
    • Assess medication orders and generate recommendation macros
    • Exclusive to RxPertise!  The Framework Exchange web service localizes FrameworkLTC data in our Enterprise server for downloading dispensing data via server sync.
    • Dynamic worksheets! Enterprise customers can create their own care center- or resident-based worksheets and push them to all users by server sync.
    • Clinical Services Manager! Track time spent on different consulting services to assist with billing and documentation.